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Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair Charges

This is a list of common computer services that we provide. Please complete the quotation form below to request a repair quotation for your exact make, model and service you require. All quotation requests are replied to within the hour.
Screen Replacement
Replacement of a standard 15.6" LCD Screen e.g. Acer, Toshiba, Pacard Bell, HP, etc...
Charging Port Replacement
Replace a charging port on a laptop
Virus removal from a Windows PC/Laptop
Clear spywear or viruses from an infected Windows laptop or PC while retaining personal data
RAM Installation
To install and check function of new RAM memory cards into a laptop, PC or MacBook, the price is for installation only
Install new Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)
To clone an existing HDD (Hard Disk Drive) onto a new SSD (Solid State Drive) Installation only, drive not included in price.
Windows Operating System Re-installation
To format the existing hard drive (wipe all information) and install a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows using an existing license. If the license is not known or available then you will also need to purchase a valid license which is not included in this price.
Gaming PC Customisation
This service is to change a component in an ATX sized tower such as a graphics card, power supply or cooling components. Includes mini-service such as anti-static hoovering of dust, cleaning filters and tidying wires to improve cooling efficiency.

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