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Liquid Damage – FAQ’s

Q.  I’ve dropped my device into or spilled liquid onto it what is the first thing I should do?

 A.  Remove the battery, if the battery is built in then you need to get it to someone who can remove the battery as quickly as possible, e.g. Fix Your Tec.

Q.  Ok I removed the battery myself, now what?

A.  Dry it as thoroughly as possible using kitchen towel as this is very absorbent.  Make sure to get into the little holes such as the earpiece speaker, charging socket and headphone socket as these are vulnerable to allowing liquid into the device

Q.  Should I put it in a bowl of rice?

A.  This is the top tip that you often see on the internet, it is not a cure for liquid damage!  Rice or Silica Gel packs will only absorb moisture in the air such as humidity, it will not absorb pools or droplets of water on a circuit board unless it is physically touching the liquid.  So this only works if you can completely disassemble the device and cover the electronics inside with rice or silica gel pouches.

Q.  So the bowl of rice trick is out, what would you recommend?

A.  If you are in a situation where you can’t order our Liquid Damage Same Day Service then the best way to remove the liquid is movement, vigorous shaking while the device is wrapped in something absorbent such as kitchen towel may force liquid out of the holes it originally entered the device.

Q.  Ok you’ve convinced me to use your Liquid Damage Same Day Service what will you do to it when you receive it?

A.  The first thing we will do is disassemble it, we do this as soon as it is handed over by our driver, even if we have other jobs being worked on.  Time is of the essence and we know the only way of saving the device is to get the liquid out as quickly as possible.  We need to dry the main circuit board, charging port and display module as quickly as possible.

Q.  Do you guarantee to fix devices sent for repair for liquid damage?

A.  We have an 80% success rate for fixing liquid damaged devices if they arrive to us within the first 24 hours.  This is providing they devices still have power up and function when we receive them.  If the device is dead or has a manifested functional fault, e.g. not charging, no service, not reading SIM cards, etc… Then the odds are greatly reduced.

Q.  Is this a no fix no fee repair like the other repairs you offer?

A.  No unfortunately due to the amount of labour time the cleaning process takes including completely disassembling the device to confirm the liquid is completely cleaned and dried we are not able to treat this as a no fix no fee repair.  We hope our customers understand that liquid damage can be very unpredictable in how it affects each device and we will do our best to recover any device sent to us but the price being paid is for our efforts to attempt recovery, not the final outcome.

We hope this advice will help if you find yourself in this unfortunate position, but you can always rely on your Tec Emergency Service to get you back up and running.






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